Calcination Facilities

Our patented flash calcination plant produces metakaolin of the highest possible reactivity and purity. Modular in design, we can accommodate large production volumes without compromising on the quality of the metakaolin produced.

KG – Flash Calcination Facilities – pilot plant :

Kaolin Group’s patented flash calcination method was developed over the past 10 years specifically with the highest possible level of metakaolin reactivity in mind. Manufacturing capacity of up to 1700 tons of LC2 per month.

  • Our pre-drying, micronising and flash-calcination cluster set-up produces
    highly reactive metakaolin in one process.
  • Our current pilot flash-calcination plant has a capacity of 380t of metakaolin per month.
  • Our flash-calcination method  results in the highest reactivity of metakaolin, due to the increase of reactive surface area over conventional rotary kiln calcination.
Quality control of batches ensured through ISO 9001:2015 in place since 2019.
Continuous concrete testing done throughout the product development by independent SANAS accredited concrete laboratory.
KG – New commercial plant:

Kaolin Group has recently completed its first fully automated commercial plant adjacent to our pilot plant in Atlantis. This plant has a manufacturing capacity of up to 7000 tons of LC2 per month and includes :

  • Pre-drying, dry-separation, calcination and cooling of the Metakaolin
  • High-capacity batch mixer for various product blends
  • Bulk - and semi-automatic bagging stations for 25 and 50kg bags
  • Bucket elevators & conveyors to finished goods silos for Metakaolin & LC2
  • Weighbridge

On-site concrete laboratory & equipment

KG - New Commercial Plant
Close testing collaboration with UCT’s department of Civil Engineering and international laboratories
Kaolin-Group - Calcination Plant 4
  • Kaolin-Group - Calcination Plant 1
  • Kaolin-Group - Calcination Plant 2
  • Kaolin-Group - Calcination Plant
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