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We are proud to offer a range of raw mining commodities, as well as flash calcined metakaolin grades and the patented flash calcination plants themselves.
Kaolin-Group - Raw Kaolin
We can offer different grades of raw kaolin ranging from cost effective, unrefined kaolin to high-purity, high whiteness, wet separated grades to match our customers’ applications.
Kaolin-Group - Metakaolin

We are proud to offer two distinct grades of high-purity, high-whiteness, flash-calcined and highly reactive metakaolin. The two grades differ in specific particle size ranges for particular use in different fields and applications.

K40 High Reactive Metakaolin:

Metakaolin K40 is a medium-fine, flash-calcined metakaolin with a high pozzolanic reactivity. It is commonly used in Portland cement blends and cement-based plasters, mortars and concrete. It has also been successfully used and tested as a pozzolanic ingredient in geoploymer formulations. The pozzolanic reactivity is defined through the metakaolin’s ability to react with free lime as the by-product of Portland cement hydration. Addition of K40 metakaolin has been shown to improve strength, durability, density and resistance to chemical attack and reduce alkali-silica reactions and efflorescence in the finished products. 

Metakaolin content > 95%
Whiteness: 90%
D50 particle size = 19µm
Moisture < 1%
Trace quartz content <4%


K10 High Reactive Metakaolin:

Metakaolin K10 is a super-fine, flash-calcined metakaolin with a high pozzolanic reactivity for use in various applications requiring very fine particle sizes. The pozzolanic reactivity is defined through the metakaolin’s ability to react with free lime as the by-product of Portland cement hydration. Addition of K10 metakaolin has been shown to improve a variety of physical and mechanical properties of the finished product.

Metakaolin K10 is also widely used in speciality coatings and as a reactive filler.

Metakaolin content > 95%
Whiteness: 90%
D50 particle size = 2.8µm
Moisture < 1%
Trace quartz content <2%

Kaolin-Group - Functional Fillers

We produce a high-performance grade of metakaolin-based functional filler. This amino-silane-coated, flash-calcined metakaolin outperforms conventional inert fillers. Its effectiveness has been proven in a variety of polymer compounds, ranging from polyamides to polyolefins.

Kaolin-Group - Flash Calciners

Our patented flash calciner was developed to produce highly reactive metakaolin in a way that saves energy as well as production space.

It features several unique attributes, which facilitate excellent calcination of raw kaolin both very quickly and energy-efficiently. The exceptional quality of the metakaolin produced in our flash calciner has been verified by independent laboratories.

The flash calciner unit forms the heart of an entire calcination plant. As with our flash calciner, modular design is a defining feature of such a calcination plant. The plant set-up covers several stages leading up to calcination, including pre-drying, pulverising and a controlled feed system. After calcination, the product is cooled and processed for bagging, with all fines and dust particles contained in reverse-pulse filters.

We are proud to be able to offer extensive experience in calcination technology and the production of metakaolin.

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Kaolin-Group - Silica Sand

Our high grade silica sand consists mainly of Silicon Dioxide (Si?O? also known as silica). Given the high purity, the exceptionally small particle size and rounded grain shape of our silica sand, it is sought after by various industries including the:

  • glass industry
  • electronics industry
  • glass fiber industry
  • chemical industry
  • construction industry
  • and oil & gas industry

Further defining features of high quality silica sand are the percentages of aluminium oxide ( Al?O?) and iron oxide (Fe?O?), both of which need to be as low as possible.

The chemical analysis of our sand is as follows:

datasheet-silica-sandDOWNLOAD DATA SHEET
Kaolin-Group - Fine Quartz

We offer a very fine quartz powder, which is characterised by its high silica content and low level of impurities. The quartz particles can typically be used in abrasion processes and products, while its reflective properties make it an ideal ingredient in reflective paints and coatings and more.

Kaolin-Group - Dry Seperation

Kaolin Group has successfully invented and patented a dry-separation method


In addition to the products detailed above, we set about offering a wide and expanding range of materials and products to the various industries concerned with coatings, fillers, plastics, geopolymers and thermoset-resins. To that end, we incorporated KG – Polymer Compounds (KG-PC) as a subsidiary of Kaolin Group.

Please send us an enquiry with your technical requirements and we will endeavour to supply you the best suitable kaolin grade for your needs.

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